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Sabine SM820 Designed for single channels, Sabine’s 820 Series offers 8 patented FBX Filters, 20-bit digital resolution and increased headroom. Truly distinguishing the 820 from other feedback controllers is its ability to accurately control feedback during performances. Pre-owned, but in great condition.

The eight-filter SM-820 offers XLR connectors, has a mic preamp and selectable phantom power, is for use with balanced microphones.

The SM-820 provides more gain before feedback, increased sound clarity, and real-time automatic feedback control during setup and during the performance. The SM-820 automatically senses feedback and quickly places a narrow 1/10-octave adaptive digital filter directly on the resonating frequency. The 8 FBX filters are 10 times narrower than 1/3-octave graphic EQ filters (which are actually one full octave wide, spaced out on 1/3-octave centers), so the FBX provides more gain before feedback without a loss in sound quality. In fact, the FBX gives back more than 90 percent of the power lost with using a graphic EQ to control feedback.

The SM-820 offers a programmable noise gate and a filter locking feature that freezes the fixed filters created during setup so they won’t go deeper than their original setting. You can also switch from 1/10-octave filters to wider 1/5-octave filters for more robust feedback control. Six FBX-SOLOs can be mounted in a single space rack tray.  FREE SHIPPING

The SM-820 is perfect for wireless mics, monitors, acoustic/electric instruments, harmonica mics, multi-mic locations like conference rooms and courthouses — wherever there’s an open microphone. It’ll improve sound systems in churches, theaters, schools, hotels and conference rooms – and fit into any budget.

SM820 microphone feedback exterminator

In-line processor provides targeted feedback control over each microphone with its own customized set of FBX feedback filters
Automatically detects and eliminates feedback
8 patented Constant Q FBX notch filters are programmable from 40Hz-20kHz
Provides up to 9dB more gain in the system
Provides a dynamic improvement in sound quality
Provides greatly enhanced frequency response
20-bit digital with no artifacts
Super-narrow 1/10th octave filters
Programmable noise gate
Balanced XLR input
Mic level or line level output
Switchable 48V phantom power

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