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Icom BC-160 Desktop Rapid Charger for IC-A14 (110 Volt) Used,

Compatible with ICOM two-way radios:


IC-A14 IC-A14S IC-F14 IC-F14S IC-F15 IC-F15S IC-F16 IC-F24 IC-F24S IC-F25 IC-F25S IC-F26 IC-F3011 IC-F3013 IC-F3021S IC-F3021T IC-F3022S IC-F3022T IC-F3023S IC-F3023T IC-F3026S IC-F3026T IC-F3031S IC-F3032S IC-F3033S IC-F3036S IC-F3161S IC-F3161T IC-F3162S IC-F3162T IC-F3163S IC-F3163T IC-F3230DS IC-F3230DT IC-F3261DS IC-F3261DT IC-F3263DS IC-F3263DT IC-F3360DS IC-F3360DT IC-F33GS IC-F33GT IC-F34GS IC-F34GT IC-F4011 IC-F4013 IC-F4021S IC-F4021T IC-F4022S IC-F4022T IC-F4023S IC-F4023T IC-F4026S IC-F4026T IC-F4031S IC-F4032S IC-F4033S IC-F4036S IC-F4161S IC-F4161T IC-F4162S IC-F4162T IC-F4163S IC-F4163T IC-F4230DS IC-F4230DT IC-F4261DS IC-F4261DT IC-F4263DS IC-F4263DT IC-F4360DS IC-F4360DT IC-F43GS IC-F43GT IC-F43TR IC-F44GS IC-F44GT.  FREE SHIPPING

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