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VE800A HDMI Extender from ATEN is a set consisting of 1 x VE800AT HDMI Extender and 1 x VE800AR HDMI Extender, which extends your HDMI display up to 196 feet away from your HDMI source using one Cat 5e cable. ATEN’s VE800A incorporates a specialized technology that allows the A/V signals to be transmitted over a single Cat 5e cable. A DDC port is provided for the ability to use the display’s EDID (extended display identification data technology) by simply connecting another Cat 5e cable.

The VE800A supports HDMI features such as 3D and Deep Color to give you an improved viewing experience. Finally, the VE800A is HDCP compatible and supports Dolby True HD and DTS Master Audio.

Extends the distance between HDMI source and HDMI display
Uses Cat 5e cable to connect the local and remote units
Features ATEN EDID technology that allows transmission over one Cat 5e cable
Extend 1080p by 131′ (40m)
Extend 1080i (HDTV) by 197′ (60m)
Improved video quality – 1920 x 1200, up to 1080p
HDMI (3D, Deep Color); HDCP compatible
Supports Dolby True HD and DTS HD Master Audio
8 segment equalization adjustment switch optimizes display quality
DDC compatible

In the Box

  • ATEN VE800A HDMI Extender (Set)
  • 2 x Power Adapters
  • Mounting Kit
  • User Instructions           FREE SHIPPING

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